Stop n Go

Operating as an automatic car lift network, Stop ‘n GO is reinventing the car lift concept, based on a system of meeting points for drivers and passengers, and a sign up system for members within the same network to facilitating networking.

More flexible than car sharing; drivers and passengers meet up spontaneously roadside, at a Stop ‘n GO stop. No bookings required in terms of choosing your car pool in advance or making arrangements!

How does it work?

Become a member: sign up here

Then collect your member kit from one of the following pick-up points:

  • Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Estate Joint Association
  • Plaine de l’Ain Local Council Community
  • Town Hall of Ambérieu
  • Local mission of Ambérieu
  • Town Hall of Sainte-Julie
  • Town Hall of Leyment
  • Town Hall of Loyettes
  • Town Hall of Lagnieu
  • Town Hall of Serrières-de-Briord
  • Town Hall of Sault-Brenaz