Welcome to the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park!

The first industrial park run by an ISO 14001-certified, EMAS-registered (EcoManagement and Audit Scheme) and LUCIE-accredited (ISO 26000) management body..

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The people who make PIPA

 Who better than the companies already part of the main Rhone Alpes industrial Park can describe their experience at the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park?

Hereafter, some feedback from companies working at the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park

Interview with Thierry RIMBERT, Sales Director France LUOMAN

Luoman is France’s leading log cabin company. The Finnish company decided to locate its sales hub at PIPA and capitalise on the opportunity to extend its market into southern Europe.

Interview with M. Rimbert, Sales Director France, Luoman

« The Rhône Alpes region is a strategically important location for the company’s sales division. From here, we’ll be able to boost our business in the Italian market, which is currently under-exploited.

We moved to PIPA two years ago. It’s an extremely pleasant place to be, and everyone appreciates the high-quality work, peaceful environment and nearby services.

What’s more, PIPA is a green park.

The environment is an important issue in Scandinavian culture. Luoman is committed to responsible forest management, and we work exclusively with recyclable materials and products. The Park’s environmental policy is therefore extremely important to us.

The Park’s major strength remains its dynamic environment. Things move quickly here, and this fast-paced, collaborative environment is supported by the work of the SMPA as our main point of contact. »

M. Rimbert, Sales Director France


Interview with Mr. Lionel Pireau, co-manager F & EVENTS

  • Activity : Portable exhibition stand manufacturer
  • Directors : Lionel PIREAU and Frédéric TREFFEL
  • incubator start date : 15/12/2010, « off site » incubator, 450m² of rented workshops in the Baccoliers buildings.

Belcem KIRATI, Businss Incubator Coordintaor:How did you learn about the Incubator?

Lionel PIREAU, Director : I learned about it from the director of Parasite Design, a company located at the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park. He knew I was looking for industrial premises with office space, so he suggested I get in touch with the SMPIPA.

BK : Why did you choose to set up your business at PIPA?

LP : PIPA is a « proper » industrial park. In my line of business we have lots of HGVs on site, so I needed somewhere with space that was easy to access. The Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park fit the bill perfectly. The fact that our premises are at an industrial park like this is also reassuring to my customers, who often like to visit a stand manufacturer’s premises. This is even more important when you consider that I only set up my company in December 2010.

BK : What are the benefits of being in an incubator?

LP : It has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to the support available, even though I don’t really use the services on offer as much as I should. The rent is affordable and the premises are new, practical and perfectly suited to our organisation. It was the ideal environment to get our company off the ground on the right footing.

BK : What were your growth plans upon leaving the Incubator?

LP : We joined the « off-site » incubator in December 2010. Initially, we occupied around 300 m² of workshop space. In March 2011, we rented an additional 150 m² of space. We don’t yet know what sort of premises we’ll need in the future, but we’re already thinking about the next stage of our growth at the Park.

Lionel PIREAU, Directors , F&L EVENTS


Interview with Benjamin DELAMOTTE, Manager 2B BRODERIE

  • Activity : Textile embroidery workshop
  • Directors : Benjamin DELAMOTTE & Benjamin PAGE
  • Incubator start date : 09/03/2009
  • Premises : 1 workshop (140 m²)

Belcem KIRATI, Business Incubator COordinator : How did you learn about the Incubator?

Benjamin DELAMOTTE, Director : We learned about it through ASTR’IN, a company already located at the Park. We set up a meeting to find out more about how the Incubator works.

BK : Why did you choose to set up your business at PIPA?

BD : We wanted to be in a highly professional, well-structured environment where we could grow. Having PIPA as our base would also give us greater credibility with future customers and allow us to make a great first impression.

BK : What are the benefits of being in an incubator?

BD : The Incubator has allowed us to focus our attention and energy on our business, with premises that were ready to move into. We’ve also received valuable support, with regular discussions about our growth and our decisions with someone from outside the company, allowing us to maintain a broader perspective of business issues as a whole. We’ve also had the chance to rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs, particularly at lunch time. It’s been a great opportunity to share our experiences and advice on avoiding the pitfalls of start-ups.

BK : What were your growth plans upon leaving the Incubator?

BD : Our growth meant that we were able to commission our own building and continue operating in the Park itself. The Park is an exceptional environment and perfectly matches the image that we try to convey to our customers. That’s why we didn’t even consider moving to a different business park. We also employ highly competent and reliable staff who live near to the Park. Since the success of our business is dependent on the quality of its workforce, we wanted to keep these people within the company and avoid having to move.

In the interest of consistency, we wanted to continue growing within the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park and capitalise on the support we received from SMPIPA (the management body responsible for running the Park).

I have no doubt that we wouldn’t have grown as quickly at another business park. The environment at PIPA has countless benefits and has enabled us to grow in a healthy way.

Benjamin Delamotte, Director, 2B BRODERIE


Interview with Mario Pallme, CEO MAPEI France

MAPEI is a worldwide leader in chemical products for the construction industry. The company decided to base its premises in the Lyon area to provide maximum coverage of eastern France and ensure that it was as close to its customers as possible.

« We already have two factories and an R&D laboratory in Saint-Alban, Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) and Montgru-Saint-Hilaire (Aisne).

Our decision to open new premises in the Lyon area was based on our desire to be closer to our customers, reduce transport times and improve the quality of our service. We chose PIPA because it is perfectly located on major north-south transport routes and has excellent infrastructures and road links.

The new Lyon-Saint-Vulbas factory is an ultra-modern facility covering 12,000 m². The site specialises in manufacturing our range of high-grade chemicals for the construction industry.

PIPA is a great location, not just because it is easy to access and the fact that there are many different businesses at the Park, but also because it’s a very pleasant environment. There are lots of well-maintained green spaces with outdoor facilities. Unlike other sites, it’s not just an industrial park – it’s a park in every sense of the word!

We are also pursuing several certifications, including quality (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and safety (OHSAS BS 18001), so we appreciate the initiatives launched by PIPA in this respect. »

M. Mario Pallme, Managing Director MAPEI France


Interview with Alain SCHALL, Manager of CLAEYS companies

Claeys is a family-owned textile dyeing company. It chose to move to the Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park (PIPA) to bring together its various activities and breathe new life into its productions.

« We are developing ever more complex textiles for heavy industry sectors, such as car seats. This new activity means we have to handle bulk deliveries and greater volumes and sizes. We needed large, modern and easy-to-access premises to support our logistics processes.

Our two former sites in Villeurbanne were no longer up to the task, so we decided to bring all of our activities together on one site at PIPA, covering 1,500 m2.

There were several reasons for this choice. Firstly, PIPA has excellent transport links, including access to a vast motorway network. Secondly, the move meant that we would be closer to one of our partners, allowing us to collaborate more closely with them to deliver a better service to our customers. Last but not least came the financial consideration: the land purchase and construction costs are lower than at other parks, and there are also attractive tax incentives.

We also enjoy being located in a protected environment. The Park is a pleasant place to be, and the environment really enhances our building. The Park’s management and staff are extremely professional, and we can rest easy in the knowledge that they will be there to support us when needed. »

M Schall, Director, Claeys